Creating Animated Stickers

Telegram apps support animated stickers as of version 5.9. All artists are welcome to create and upload new packs of animated stickers.

Required Tools

To create animated stickers for the Telegram platform, you will need the following:

  1. Any vector graphics editor that allows exporting vector objects to Adobe After Effects for turning them into animations.
  2. Adobe After Effects.
  3. The Bodymovin-TG plugin, a fork of Bodymovin for Adobe After Effects that can be used to export animations to .TGS, the Telegram animated stickers format.

Technical Requirements

  • Sticker/canvas size must be 512х512 pixels.
  • Sticker objects must not leave the canvas.
  • Animation length must not exceed 3 seconds.
  • Animation must be looped.
  • Sticker size must not exceed 64 KB.
  • All stickers inside one pack must have the same FPS (either 30 or 60).
  • You must not use the following Adobe After Effects functionality when animating your sticker: Expressions, Masks, Layer Effects, Images, Solids, Texts, 3D Layers, Merge Paths, Star Shapes, Gradient Strokes, Repeaters, Time Stretching, Time Remapping, Auto-Oriented Layers. Using any of these tools will make it impossible to export your animation with Bodymovin-TG.

Uploading Stickers

Once your stickers are ready, send the /newanimated command to the @stickers bot – then send it the .TGS files.

Your set will need an icon. Icons for animated sticker sets must be 100x100 pixels, with looped animation not exceeding 3 seconds.