Configuration for two-factor authorization

account.password#957b50fb flags:# has_recovery:flags.0?true has_secure_values:flags.1?true has_password:flags.2?true current_algo:flags.2?PasswordKdfAlgo srp_B:flags.2?bytes srp_id:flags.2?long hint:flags.3?string email_unconfirmed_pattern:flags.4?string new_algo:PasswordKdfAlgo new_secure_algo:SecurePasswordKdfAlgo secure_random:bytes pending_reset_date:flags.5?int login_email_pattern:flags.6?string = account.Password;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
has_recovery flags.0?true Whether the user has a recovery method configured
has_secure_values flags.1?true Whether telegram passport is enabled
has_password flags.2?true Whether the user has a password
current_algo flags.2?PasswordKdfAlgo The KDF algorithm for SRP two-factor authentication of the current password
srp_B flags.2?bytes Srp B param for SRP authorization
srp_id flags.2?long Srp ID param for SRP authorization
hint flags.3?string Text hint for the password
email_unconfirmed_pattern flags.4?string A password recovery email with the specified pattern is still awaiting verification
new_algo PasswordKdfAlgo The KDF algorithm for SRP two-factor authentication to use when creating new passwords
new_secure_algo SecurePasswordKdfAlgo The KDF algorithm for telegram passport
secure_random bytes Secure random string
pending_reset_date flags.5?int The 2FA password will be automatically removed at this date, unless the user cancels the operation
login_email_pattern flags.6?string A verified login email with the specified pattern is configured



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