Logged-in session

authorization#ad01d61d flags:# current:flags.0?true official_app:flags.1?true password_pending:flags.2?true hash:long device_model:string platform:string system_version:string api_id:int app_name:string app_version:string date_created:int date_active:int ip:string country:string region:string = Authorization;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
current flags.0?true Whether this is the current session
official_app flags.1?true Whether the session is from an official app
password_pending flags.2?true Whether the session is still waiting for a 2FA password
hash long Identifier
device_model string Device model
platform string Platform
system_version string System version
api_id int API ID
app_name string App name
app_version string App version
date_created int When was the session created
date_active int When was the session last active
ip string Last known IP
country string Country determined from IP
region string Region determined from IP



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