Chat invite info

chatInvite#cde0ec40 flags:# channel:flags.0?true broadcast:flags.1?true public:flags.2?true megagroup:flags.3?true request_needed:flags.6?true verified:flags.7?true scam:flags.8?true fake:flags.9?true title:string about:flags.5?string photo:Photo participants_count:int participants:flags.4?Vector<User> color:int = ChatInvite;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
channel flags.0?true Whether this is a channel/supergroup or a normal group
broadcast flags.1?true Whether this is a channel
public flags.2?true Whether this is a public channel/supergroup
megagroup flags.3?true Whether this is a supergroup
request_needed flags.6?true Whether the join request ยป must be first approved by an administrator
verified flags.7?true Is this chat or channel verified by Telegram?
scam flags.8?true This chat is probably a scam
fake flags.9?true If set, this chat was reported by many users as a fake or scam: be careful when interacting with it.
title string Chat/supergroup/channel title
about flags.5?string Description of the group of channel
photo Photo Chat/supergroup/channel photo
participants_count int Participant count
participants flags.4?Vector<User> A few of the participants that are in the group
color int Profile color palette ID



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