Info about a group call or livestream

groupCall#d597650c flags:# join_muted:flags.1?true can_change_join_muted:flags.2?true join_date_asc:flags.6?true schedule_start_subscribed:flags.8?true can_start_video:flags.9?true record_video_active:flags.11?true rtmp_stream:flags.12?true listeners_hidden:flags.13?true id:long access_hash:long participants_count:int title:flags.3?string stream_dc_id:flags.4?int record_start_date:flags.5?int schedule_date:flags.7?int unmuted_video_count:flags.10?int unmuted_video_limit:int version:int = GroupCall;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
join_muted flags.1?true Whether the user should be muted upon joining the call
can_change_join_muted flags.2?true Whether the current user can change the value of the join_muted flag using phone.toggleGroupCallSettings
join_date_asc flags.6?true Specifies the ordering to use when locally sorting by date and displaying in the UI group call participants.
schedule_start_subscribed flags.8?true Whether we subscribed to the scheduled call
can_start_video flags.9?true Whether you can start streaming video into the call
record_video_active flags.11?true Whether the group call is currently being recorded
rtmp_stream flags.12?true Whether RTMP streams are allowed
listeners_hidden flags.13?true Whether the listeners list is hidden and cannot be fetched using phone.getGroupParticipants. The phone.groupParticipants.count and groupCall.participants_count counters will still include listeners.
id long Group call ID
access_hash long Group call access hash
participants_count int Participant count
title flags.3?string Group call title
stream_dc_id flags.4?int DC ID to be used for livestream chunks
record_start_date flags.5?int When was the recording started
schedule_date flags.7?int When is the call scheduled to start
unmuted_video_count flags.10?int Number of people currently streaming video into the call
unmuted_video_limit int Maximum number of people allowed to stream video into the call
version int Version



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