Info about a group call participant

groupCallParticipant#eba636fe flags:# muted:flags.0?true left:flags.1?true can_self_unmute:flags.2?true just_joined:flags.4?true versioned:flags.5?true min:flags.8?true muted_by_you:flags.9?true volume_by_admin:flags.10?true self:flags.12?true video_joined:flags.15?true peer:Peer date:int active_date:flags.3?int source:int volume:flags.7?int about:flags.11?string raise_hand_rating:flags.13?long video:flags.6?GroupCallParticipantVideo presentation:flags.14?GroupCallParticipantVideo = GroupCallParticipant;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
muted flags.0?true Whether the participant is muted
left flags.1?true Whether the participant has left
can_self_unmute flags.2?true Whether the participant can unmute themselves
just_joined flags.4?true Whether the participant has just joined
versioned flags.5?true If set, and updateGroupCallParticipants.version < locally stored call.version, info about this participant should be ignored. If (...), and updateGroupCallParticipants.version > call.version+1, the participant list should be refetched using phone.getGroupParticipants.
min flags.8?true If not set, the volume and muted_by_you fields can be safely used to overwrite locally cached information; otherwise, volume will contain valid information only if volume_by_admin is set both in the cache and in the received constructor.
muted_by_you flags.9?true Whether this participant was muted by the current user
volume_by_admin flags.10?true Whether our volume can only changed by an admin
self flags.12?true Whether this participant is the current user
video_joined flags.15?true Whether this participant is currently broadcasting video
peer Peer Peer information
date int When did this participant join the group call
active_date flags.3?int When was this participant last active in the group call
source int Source ID
volume flags.7?int Volume, if not set the volume is set to 100%.
about flags.11?string Info about this participant
raise_hand_rating flags.13?long Specifies the UI visualization order of peers with raised hands: peers with a higher rating should be showed first in the list.
video flags.6?GroupCallParticipantVideo Info about the video stream the participant is currently broadcasting
presentation flags.14?GroupCallParticipantVideo Info about the screen sharing stream the participant is currently broadcasting



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