New document

inputMediaUploadedDocument#5b38c6c1 flags:# nosound_video:flags.3?true force_file:flags.4?true spoiler:flags.5?true file:InputFile thumb:flags.2?InputFile mime_type:string attributes:Vector<DocumentAttribute> stickers:flags.0?Vector<InputDocument> ttl_seconds:flags.1?int = InputMedia;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
nosound_video flags.3?true Whether the specified document is a video file with no audio tracks (a GIF animation (even as MPEG4), for example)
force_file flags.4?true Force the media file to be uploaded as document
spoiler flags.5?true Whether this media should be hidden behind a spoiler warning
file InputFile The uploaded file
thumb flags.2?InputFile Thumbnail of the document, uploaded as for the file
mime_type string MIME type of document
attributes Vector<DocumentAttribute> Attributes that specify the type of the document (video, audio, voice, sticker, etc.)
stickers flags.0?Vector<InputDocument> Attached stickers
ttl_seconds flags.1?int Time to live in seconds of self-destructing document



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