Document (video, audio, voice, sticker, any media type except photo)

messageMediaDocument#4cf4d72d flags:# nopremium:flags.3?true spoiler:flags.4?true video:flags.6?true round:flags.7?true voice:flags.8?true document:flags.0?Document alt_document:flags.5?Document ttl_seconds:flags.2?int = MessageMedia;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
nopremium flags.3?true Whether this is a normal sticker, if not set this is a premium sticker and a premium sticker animation must be played.
spoiler flags.4?true Whether this media should be hidden behind a spoiler warning
video flags.6?true Whether this is a video.
round flags.7?true Whether this is a round video.
voice flags.8?true Whether this is a voice message.
document flags.0?Document Attached document
alt_document flags.5?Document Currently only used for story videos, may contain an alternative version of the story video, explicitly encoded using H.264 (in MPEG4 transport) at a lower resolution than document.
ttl_seconds flags.2?int Time to live of self-destructing document