A giveaway with public winners has finished, this constructor contains info about the winners.

messageMediaGiveawayResults#c6991068 flags:# only_new_subscribers:flags.0?true refunded:flags.2?true channel_id:long additional_peers_count:flags.3?int launch_msg_id:int winners_count:int unclaimed_count:int winners:Vector<long> months:int prize_description:flags.1?string until_date:int = MessageMedia;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
only_new_subscribers flags.0?true If set, only new subscribers starting from the giveaway creation date participated in the giveaway.
refunded flags.2?true If set, the giveaway was canceled and was fully refunded.
channel_id long ID of the channel that was automatically boosted by the winners of the giveaway for duration of the Premium subscription.
additional_peers_count flags.3?int Number of other channels that participated in the giveaway.
launch_msg_id int Identifier of the message with the giveaway in channel_id.
winners_count int Total number of winners in the giveaway.
unclaimed_count int Number of not-yet-claimed prizes.
winners Vector<long> Up to 100 user identifiers of the winners of the giveaway.
months int Duration in months of each Telegram Premium subscription in the giveaway.
prize_description flags.1?string Can contain a textual description of additional giveaway prizes.
until_date int Point in time (Unix timestamp) when the winners were selected. May be bigger than winners selection date specified in initial parameters of the giveaway.



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