Contains information about a single boost slot ».

myBoost#c448415c flags:# slot:int peer:flags.0?Peer date:int expires:int cooldown_until_date:flags.1?int = MyBoost;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
slot int Boost slot ID »
peer flags.0?Peer If set, indicates this slot is currently occupied, i.e. we are boosting this peer.
Note that we can assign multiple boost slots to the same peer.
date int When (unixtime) we started boosting the peer, 0 otherwise.
expires int Indicates the (unixtime) expiration date of the boost in peer (0 if peer is not set).
cooldown_until_date flags.1?int If peer is set, indicates the (unixtime) date after which this boost can be reassigned to another channel.



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