Contains info about the current boost status of a peer.

premium.boostsStatus#4959427a flags:# my_boost:flags.2?true level:int current_level_boosts:int boosts:int gift_boosts:flags.4?int next_level_boosts:flags.0?int premium_audience:flags.1?StatsPercentValue boost_url:string prepaid_giveaways:flags.3?Vector<PrepaidGiveaway> my_boost_slots:flags.2?Vector<int> = premium.BoostsStatus;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
my_boost flags.2?true Whether we're currently boosting this channel, my_boost_slots will also be set.
level int The current boost level of the channel.
current_level_boosts int The number of boosts acquired so far in the current level.
boosts int Total number of boosts acquired so far.
gift_boosts flags.4?int The number of boosts acquired from created Telegram Premium gift codes and giveaways; only returned to channel admins.
next_level_boosts flags.0?int Total number of boosts needed to reach the next level; if absent, the next level isn't available.
premium_audience flags.1?StatsPercentValue Only returned to channel admins: contains the approximated number of Premium users subscribed to the channel, related to the total number of subscribers.
boost_url string Boost deep link ยป that can be used to boost the chat.
prepaid_giveaways flags.3?Vector<PrepaidGiveaway> A list of prepaid giveaways available for the chat; only returned to channel admins.
my_boost_slots flags.2?Vector<int> Indicates which of our boost slots we've assigned to this peer (populated if my_boost is set).



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Telegram channel administrators may launch giveaways to randomly distribute Telegram Premium subscriptions and other gifts among their followers, in exchange for boosts.

Deep links

Telegram clients must handle special tg:// and deep links encountered in messages, link entities and in other apps by registering OS handlers.

Channel boosts

Telegram Premium users can grant their favorite channels additional features like the ability to post stories by giving them boosts.