A sponsored message.

sponsoredMessage#ed5383f7 flags:# recommended:flags.5?true show_peer_photo:flags.6?true random_id:bytes from_id:flags.3?Peer chat_invite:flags.4?ChatInvite chat_invite_hash:flags.4?string channel_post:flags.2?int start_param:flags.0?string webpage:flags.9?SponsoredWebPage app:flags.10?BotApp message:string entities:flags.1?Vector<MessageEntity> button_text:flags.11?string sponsor_info:flags.7?string additional_info:flags.8?string = SponsoredMessage;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
recommended flags.5?true Whether the message needs to be labeled as "recommended" instead of "sponsored"
show_peer_photo flags.6?true Whether a profile photo bubble should be displayed for this message, like for messages sent in groups. The photo shown in the bubble is obtained either from the peer contained in from_id, or from chat_invite.
random_id bytes Message ID
from_id flags.3?Peer ID of the sender of the message
chat_invite flags.4?ChatInvite Information about the chat invite hash specified in chat_invite_hash
chat_invite_hash flags.4?string Chat invite
channel_post flags.2?int Optional link to a channel post if from_id points to a channel
start_param flags.0?string Parameter for the bot start message if the sponsored chat is a chat with a bot.
webpage flags.9?SponsoredWebPage Sponsored website
app flags.10?BotApp Mini App ยป to open when the sponsored message is clicked.
message string Sponsored message
entities flags.1?Vector<MessageEntity> Message entities for styled text
button_text flags.11?string Text of the sponsored message button.
sponsor_info flags.7?string If set, contains additional information about the sponsor to be shown along with the message.
additional_info flags.8?string If set, contains additional information about the sponsored message to be shown along with the message.



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