Info about a message sent to (received from) another user

updateShortMessage#2296d2c8 flags:# out:flags.1?true mentioned:flags.4?true media_unread:flags.5?true silent:flags.13?true id:int user_id:int message:string pts:int pts_count:int date:int fwd_from:flags.2?MessageFwdHeader via_bot_id:flags.11?int reply_to:flags.3?MessageReplyHeader entities:flags.7?Vector<MessageEntity> = Updates;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
out flags.1?true Whether the message is outgoing
mentioned flags.4?true Whether we were mentioned in the message
media_unread flags.5?true Whether there are some unread mentions in this message
silent flags.13?true If true, the message is a silent message, no notifications should be triggered
id int The message ID
user_id int The ID of the sender (if outgoing will be the ID of the destination) of the message
message string The message
pts int PTS
pts_count int PTS count
date int date
fwd_from flags.2?MessageFwdHeader Info about a forwarded message
via_bot_id flags.11?int Info about the inline bot used to generate this message
reply_to flags.3?MessageReplyHeader Reply and thread information
entities flags.7?Vector<MessageEntity> Entities for styled text



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