Represents a wallpaper based on an image.

wallPaper#a437c3ed id:long flags:# creator:flags.0?true default:flags.1?true pattern:flags.3?true dark:flags.4?true access_hash:long slug:string document:Document settings:flags.2?WallPaperSettings = WallPaper;


Name Type Description
id long Identifier
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
creator flags.0?true Whether we created this wallpaper
default flags.1?true Whether this is the default wallpaper
pattern flags.3?true Whether this is a pattern wallpaper »
dark flags.4?true Whether this wallpaper should be used in dark mode.
access_hash long Access hash
slug string Unique wallpaper ID, used when generating wallpaper links or importing wallpaper links.
document Document The actual wallpaper
settings flags.2?WallPaperSettings Info on how to generate the wallpaper, according to these instructions ».



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