Webpage preview

webPage#e89c45b2 flags:# has_large_media:flags.13?true id:long url:string display_url:string hash:int type:flags.0?string site_name:flags.1?string title:flags.2?string description:flags.3?string photo:flags.4?Photo embed_url:flags.5?string embed_type:flags.5?string embed_width:flags.6?int embed_height:flags.6?int duration:flags.7?int author:flags.8?string document:flags.9?Document cached_page:flags.10?Page attributes:flags.12?Vector<WebPageAttribute> = WebPage;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
has_large_media flags.13?true Whether the size of the media in the preview can be changed.
id long Preview ID
url string URL of previewed webpage
display_url string Webpage URL to be displayed to the user
hash int Hash for pagination, for more info click here
type flags.0?string Type of the web page. Can be: article, photo, audio, video, document, profile, app, or something else
site_name flags.1?string Short name of the site (e.g., Google Docs, App Store)
title flags.2?string Title of the content
description flags.3?string Content description
photo flags.4?Photo Image representing the content
embed_url flags.5?string URL to show in the embedded preview
embed_type flags.5?string MIME type of the embedded preview, (e.g., text/html or video/mp4)
embed_width flags.6?int Width of the embedded preview
embed_height flags.6?int Height of the embedded preview
duration flags.7?int Duration of the content, in seconds
author flags.8?string Author of the content
document flags.9?Document Preview of the content as a media file
cached_page flags.10?Page Page contents in instant view format
attributes flags.12?Vector<WebPageAttribute> Webpage attributes



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