Securely save Telegram Passport document, for more info see the passport docs »

secureValue#187fa0ca flags:# type:SecureValueType data:flags.0?SecureData front_side:flags.1?SecureFile reverse_side:flags.2?SecureFile selfie:flags.3?SecureFile translation:flags.6?Vector<SecureFile> files:flags.4?Vector<SecureFile> plain_data:flags.5?SecurePlainData hash:bytes = SecureValue;
account.saveSecureValue#899fe31d value:InputSecureValue secure_secret_id:long = SecureValue;


Name Type Description
value InputSecureValue Secure value, for more info see the passport docs »
secure_secret_id long Passport secret hash, for more info see the passport docs »



Possible errors

Code Type Description
400 PASSWORD_REQUIRED A 2FA password must be configured to use Telegram Passport.

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