Login using a redirected login token, generated in case of DC mismatch during QR code login.

For more info, see login via QR code.

auth.loginToken#629f1980 expires:int token:bytes = auth.LoginToken;
auth.loginTokenMigrateTo#68e9916 dc_id:int token:bytes = auth.LoginToken;
auth.loginTokenSuccess#390d5c5e authorization:auth.Authorization = auth.LoginToken;
auth.importLoginToken#95ac5ce4 token:bytes = auth.LoginToken;


Name Type Description
token bytes Login token



Possible errors

Code Type Description
400 AUTH_TOKEN_ALREADY_ACCEPTED The specified auth token was already accepted.
400 AUTH_TOKEN_EXPIRED The authorization token has expired.
400 AUTH_TOKEN_INVALID The specified auth token is invalid.
400 AUTH_TOKEN_INVALIDX The specified auth token is invalid.

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