Signs in a user with a validated phone number.

auth.authorization#2ea2c0d4 flags:# setup_password_required:flags.1?true otherwise_relogin_days:flags.1?int tmp_sessions:flags.0?int future_auth_token:flags.2?bytes user:User = auth.Authorization;
auth.authorizationSignUpRequired#44747e9a flags:# terms_of_service:flags.0?help.TermsOfService = auth.Authorization;
auth.signIn#8d52a951 flags:# phone_number:string phone_code_hash:string phone_code:flags.0?string email_verification:flags.1?EmailVerification = auth.Authorization;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
phone_number string Phone number in the international format
phone_code_hash string SMS-message ID, obtained from auth.sendCode
phone_code flags.0?string Valid numerical code from the SMS-message
email_verification flags.1?EmailVerification Email verification code or token



Possible errors

Code Type Description
500 AUTH_RESTART Restart the authorization process.
400 PHONE_CODE_EMPTY phone_code is missing.
400 PHONE_CODE_EXPIRED The phone code you provided has expired.
400 PHONE_CODE_INVALID The provided phone code is invalid.
406 PHONE_NUMBER_INVALID The phone number is invalid.
400 PHONE_NUMBER_UNOCCUPIED The phone number is not yet being used.
500 SIGN_IN_FAILED Failure while signing in.

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