Send compiled payment form

payments.paymentResult#4e5f810d updates:Updates = payments.PaymentResult;
payments.paymentVerificationNeeded#d8411139 url:string = payments.PaymentResult;
payments.sendPaymentForm#2d03522f flags:# form_id:long invoice:InputInvoice requested_info_id:flags.0?string shipping_option_id:flags.1?string credentials:InputPaymentCredentials tip_amount:flags.2?long = payments.PaymentResult;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
form_id long Form ID
invoice InputInvoice Invoice
requested_info_id flags.0?string ID of saved and validated order info
shipping_option_id flags.1?string Chosen shipping option ID
credentials InputPaymentCredentials Payment credentials
tip_amount flags.2?long Tip, in the smallest units of the currency (integer, not float/double). For example, for a price of US$ 1.45 pass amount = 145. See the exp parameter in currencies.json, it shows the number of digits past the decimal point for each currency (2 for the majority of currencies).



Possible errors

Code Type Description
400 MESSAGE_ID_INVALID The provided message id is invalid.

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