Indicates the action to execute when pressing the in-UI menu button for bots

botMenuButtonDefault#7533a588 = BotMenuButton;
botMenuButtonCommands#4258c205 = BotMenuButton;
botMenuButton#c7b57ce6 text:string url:string = BotMenuButton;


bots.getBotMenuButton#9c60eb28 user_id:InputUser = BotMenuButton;


Constructor Description
botMenuButtonDefault Placeholder bot menu button never returned to users: see the docs for more info.
botMenuButtonCommands Bot menu button that opens the bot command list when clicked.
botMenuButton Bot menu button that opens a web app when clicked.


Method Description
bots.getBotMenuButton Gets the menu button action for a given user or for all users, previously set using bots.setBotMenuButton; users can see this information in the botInfo constructor.