Represent a JSON-encoded object

dataJSON#7d748d04 data:string = DataJSON;


bots.sendCustomRequest#aa2769ed custom_method:string params:DataJSON = DataJSON;
bots.invokeWebViewCustomMethod#87fc5e7 bot:InputUser custom_method:string params:DataJSON = DataJSON;

phone.getCallConfig#55451fa9 = DataJSON;


Constructor Description
dataJSON Represents a json-encoded object


Method Description
bots.sendCustomRequest Sends a custom request; for bots only
phone.getCallConfig Get phone call configuration to be passed to libtgvoip's shared config
bots.invokeWebViewCustomMethod Send a custom request from a mini bot app, triggered by a web_app_invoke_custom_method event ».

The response should be sent using a custom_method_invoked event, see here » for more info on the flow.