Location of a certain size of a picture

photoSizeEmpty#e17e23c type:string = PhotoSize;
photoSize#75c78e60 type:string w:int h:int size:int = PhotoSize;
photoCachedSize#21e1ad6 type:string w:int h:int bytes:bytes = PhotoSize;
photoStrippedSize#e0b0bc2e type:string bytes:bytes = PhotoSize;
photoSizeProgressive#fa3efb95 type:string w:int h:int sizes:Vector<int> = PhotoSize;
photoPathSize#d8214d41 type:string bytes:bytes = PhotoSize;


Constructor Description
photoSizeEmpty Empty constructor. Image with this thumbnail is unavailable.
photoSize Image description.
photoCachedSize Description of an image and its content.
photoStrippedSize A low-resolution compressed JPG payload
photoSizeProgressive Progressively encoded photosize
photoPathSize Messages with animated stickers can have a compressed svg (< 300 bytes) to show the outline of the sticker before fetching the actual lottie animation.