Privacy key

privacyKeyStatusTimestamp#bc2eab30 = PrivacyKey;
privacyKeyChatInvite#500e6dfa = PrivacyKey;
privacyKeyPhoneCall#3d662b7b = PrivacyKey;
privacyKeyPhoneP2P#39491cc8 = PrivacyKey;
privacyKeyForwards#69ec56a3 = PrivacyKey;
privacyKeyProfilePhoto#96151fed = PrivacyKey;
privacyKeyPhoneNumber#d19ae46d = PrivacyKey;
privacyKeyAddedByPhone#42ffd42b = PrivacyKey;


Constructor Description
privacyKeyStatusTimestamp Whether we can see the last online timestamp
privacyKeyChatInvite Whether the user can be invited to chats
privacyKeyPhoneCall Whether the user accepts phone calls
privacyKeyPhoneP2P Whether P2P connections in phone calls are allowed
privacyKeyForwards Whether messages forwarded from the user will be anonymously forwarded
privacyKeyProfilePhoto Whether the profile picture of the user is visible
privacyKeyPhoneNumber Whether the user allows us to see his phone number
privacyKeyAddedByPhone Whether people can add you to their contact list by your phone number