A list of emoji statuses

account.emojiStatusesNotModified#d08ce645 = account.EmojiStatuses;
account.emojiStatuses#90c467d1 hash:long statuses:Vector<EmojiStatus> = account.EmojiStatuses;


account.getDefaultEmojiStatuses#d6753386 hash:long = account.EmojiStatuses;
account.getRecentEmojiStatuses#f578105 hash:long = account.EmojiStatuses;
account.getChannelDefaultEmojiStatuses#7727a7d5 hash:long = account.EmojiStatuses;


Constructor Description
account.emojiStatusesNotModified The server-side list of emoji statuses hasn't changed
account.emojiStatuses A list of emoji statuses


Method Description
account.getDefaultEmojiStatuses Get a list of default suggested emoji statuses
account.getRecentEmojiStatuses Get recently used emoji statuses
account.getChannelDefaultEmojiStatuses Get a list of default suggested channel emoji statuses.

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