Contains information about an unsupported deep link »

help.deepLinkInfoEmpty#66afa166 = help.DeepLinkInfo;
help.deepLinkInfo#6a4ee832 flags:# update_app:flags.0?true message:string entities:flags.1?Vector<MessageEntity> = help.DeepLinkInfo;


help.getDeepLinkInfo#3fedc75f path:string = help.DeepLinkInfo;


Constructor Description
help.deepLinkInfoEmpty Deep link info empty
help.deepLinkInfo Deep link info, see the here for more details


Method Description
help.getDeepLinkInfo Get info about an unsupported deep link, see here for more info ».

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Telegram clients must handle special tg:// and deep links encountered in messages, link entities and in other apps by registering OS handlers.