Similar channels

The API offers a method to obtain a list of similarly themed public channels, selected based on similarities in their subscriber bases.


messages.chats#64ff9fd5 chats:Vector<Chat> = messages.Chats;
messages.chatsSlice#9cd81144 count:int chats:Vector<Chat> = messages.Chats;


channels.getChannelRecommendations#83b70d97 channel:InputChannel = messages.Chats;

Clients should invoke this method after joining a channel, automatically displaying a popup with a list of similarly themed channels.

The same method should also be invoked when opening a special "Similar channels" tab in the channel's profile (similar to the Media/Links/Gifs/etc tabs).

The maximum number of similar channels that can be recommended by channels.getChannelRecommendations┬╗ to Premium/non-Premium users is contained in the recommended_channels_limit_premium/recommended_channels_limit_default app configuration keys.