Represents a bot mini app that can be launched from the attachment/side menu »

At least one of the show_in_attach_menu or the show_in_side_menu flags will always be set.

attachMenuBot#d90d8dfe flags:# inactive:flags.0?true has_settings:flags.1?true request_write_access:flags.2?true show_in_attach_menu:flags.3?true show_in_side_menu:flags.4?true side_menu_disclaimer_needed:flags.5?true bot_id:long short_name:string peer_types:flags.3?Vector<AttachMenuPeerType> icons:Vector<AttachMenuBotIcon> = AttachMenuBot;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
inactive flags.0?true If set, before launching the mini app the client should ask the user to add the mini app to the attachment/side menu, and only if the user accepts, after invoking messages.toggleBotInAttachMenu the app should be opened.
has_settings flags.1?true Deprecated flag, can be ignored.
request_write_access flags.2?true Whether the bot would like to send messages to the user.
show_in_attach_menu flags.3?true Whether, when installed, an attachment menu entry should be shown for the Mini App.
show_in_side_menu flags.4?true Whether, when installed, an entry in the main view side menu should be shown for the Mini App.
side_menu_disclaimer_needed flags.5?true If inactive if set and the user hasn't previously accepted the third-party mini apps Terms of Service for this bot, when showing the mini app installation prompt, an additional mandatory checkbox to accept the mini apps TOS and a disclaimer indicating that this Mini App is not affiliated to Telegram should be shown.
bot_id long Bot ID
short_name string Attachment menu item name
peer_types flags.3?Vector<AttachMenuPeerType> List of dialog types where this attachment menu entry should be shown
icons Vector<AttachMenuBotIcon> List of platform-specific static icons and animations to use for the attachment menu button



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