Enable or disable web bot attachment menu »

boolFalse#bc799737 = Bool;
boolTrue#997275b5 = Bool;
messages.toggleBotInAttachMenu#69f59d69 flags:# write_allowed:flags.0?true bot:InputUser enabled:Bool = Bool;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
write_allowed flags.0?true Whether the user authorizes the bot to write messages to them, if requested by attachMenuBot.request_write_access
bot InputUser Bot ID
enabled Bool Toggle



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Represents a bot mini app that can be launched from the attachment/side menu »

At least one of the show_in_attach_menu or the show_in_side_menu flags will always be set.

Bot attachment menu and side menu entries

Bots can install attachment menu and side menu entries, offering conveniently accessible, versatile web apps.