The code was sent via the previously configured login email »

auth.sentCodeTypeEmailCode#f450f59b flags:# apple_signin_allowed:flags.0?true google_signin_allowed:flags.1?true email_pattern:string length:int reset_available_period:flags.3?int reset_pending_date:flags.4?int = auth.SentCodeType;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
apple_signin_allowed flags.0?true Whether authorization through Apple ID is allowed
google_signin_allowed flags.1?true Whether authorization through Google ID is allowed
email_pattern string Pattern of the email
length int Length of the sent verification code
reset_available_period flags.3?int Clients should wait for the specified amount of seconds before allowing the user to invoke auth.resetLoginEmail (will be 0 for Premium users).
reset_pending_date flags.4?int An email reset was already requested, and will occur at the specified date.



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