Type of the verification code that was sent

auth.sentCodeTypeApp#3dbb5986 length:int = auth.SentCodeType;
auth.sentCodeTypeSms#c000bba2 length:int = auth.SentCodeType;
auth.sentCodeTypeCall#5353e5a7 length:int = auth.SentCodeType;
auth.sentCodeTypeFlashCall#ab03c6d9 pattern:string = auth.SentCodeType;


Constructor Description
auth.sentCodeTypeApp The code was sent through the telegram app
auth.sentCodeTypeSms The code was sent via SMS
auth.sentCodeTypeCall The code will be sent via a phone call: a synthesized voice will tell the user which verification code to input.
auth.sentCodeTypeFlashCall The code will be sent via a flash phone call, that will be closed immediately. The phone code will then be the phone number itself, just make sure that the phone number matches the specified pattern.