Type of the verification code that was sent

auth.sentCodeTypeApp#3dbb5986 length:int = auth.SentCodeType;
auth.sentCodeTypeSms#c000bba2 length:int = auth.SentCodeType;
auth.sentCodeTypeCall#5353e5a7 length:int = auth.SentCodeType;
auth.sentCodeTypeFlashCall#ab03c6d9 pattern:string = auth.SentCodeType;
auth.sentCodeTypeMissedCall#82006484 prefix:string length:int = auth.SentCodeType;
auth.sentCodeTypeEmailCode#f450f59b flags:# apple_signin_allowed:flags.0?true google_signin_allowed:flags.1?true email_pattern:string length:int reset_available_period:flags.3?int reset_pending_date:flags.4?int = auth.SentCodeType;
auth.sentCodeTypeSetUpEmailRequired#a5491dea flags:# apple_signin_allowed:flags.0?true google_signin_allowed:flags.1?true = auth.SentCodeType;
auth.sentCodeTypeFragmentSms#d9565c39 url:string length:int = auth.SentCodeType;
auth.sentCodeTypeFirebaseSms#e57b1432 flags:# nonce:flags.0?bytes receipt:flags.1?string push_timeout:flags.1?int length:int = auth.SentCodeType;


Constructor Description
auth.sentCodeTypeApp The code was sent through the telegram app
auth.sentCodeTypeSms The code was sent via SMS
auth.sentCodeTypeCall The code will be sent via a phone call: a synthesized voice will tell the user which verification code to input.
auth.sentCodeTypeFlashCall The code will be sent via a flash phone call, that will be closed immediately. The phone code will then be the phone number itself, just make sure that the phone number matches the specified pattern.
auth.sentCodeTypeMissedCall The code will be sent via a flash phone call, that will be closed immediately. The last digits of the phone number that calls are the code that must be entered manually by the user.
auth.sentCodeTypeEmailCode The code was sent via the previously configured login email »
auth.sentCodeTypeSetUpEmailRequired The user should add and verify an email address in order to login as described here ».
auth.sentCodeTypeFragmentSms The code was delivered via
auth.sentCodeTypeFirebaseSms An authentication code should be delivered via SMS after Firebase attestation, as described in the auth documentation ».