An authentication code should be delivered via SMS after Firebase attestation, as described in the auth documentation ».

auth.sentCodeTypeFirebaseSms#e57b1432 flags:# nonce:flags.0?bytes receipt:flags.1?string push_timeout:flags.1?int length:int = auth.SentCodeType;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
nonce flags.0?bytes On Android, the nonce to be used as described in the auth documentation »
receipt flags.1?string On iOS, must be compared with the receipt extracted from the received push notification.
push_timeout flags.1?int On iOS: if a push notification with the ios_push_secret isn't received within push_timeout seconds, the next_type authentication method must be used, with auth.resendCode.
length int Length of the code that will be delivered.



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