Info about a group

chat#41cbf256 flags:# creator:flags.0?true left:flags.2?true deactivated:flags.5?true call_active:flags.23?true call_not_empty:flags.24?true noforwards:flags.25?true id:long title:string photo:ChatPhoto participants_count:int date:int version:int migrated_to:flags.6?InputChannel admin_rights:flags.14?ChatAdminRights default_banned_rights:flags.18?ChatBannedRights = Chat;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
creator flags.0?true Whether the current user is the creator of the group
left flags.2?true Whether the current user has left the group
deactivated flags.5?true Whether the group was migrated
call_active flags.23?true Whether a group call is currently active
call_not_empty flags.24?true Whether there's anyone in the group call
noforwards flags.25?true Whether this group is protected, thus does not allow forwarding messages from it
id long ID of the group
title string Title
photo ChatPhoto Chat photo
participants_count int Participant count
date int Date of creation of the group
version int Used in basic groups to reorder updates and make sure that all of them were received.
migrated_to flags.6?InputChannel Means this chat was upgraded to a supergroup
admin_rights flags.14?ChatAdminRights Admin rights of the user in the group
default_banned_rights flags.18?ChatBannedRights Default banned rights of all users in the group



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