A message

message#76bec211 flags:# out:flags.1?true mentioned:flags.4?true media_unread:flags.5?true silent:flags.13?true post:flags.14?true from_scheduled:flags.18?true legacy:flags.19?true edit_hide:flags.21?true pinned:flags.24?true noforwards:flags.26?true invert_media:flags.27?true id:int from_id:flags.8?Peer peer_id:Peer saved_peer_id:flags.28?Peer fwd_from:flags.2?MessageFwdHeader via_bot_id:flags.11?long reply_to:flags.3?MessageReplyHeader date:int message:string media:flags.9?MessageMedia reply_markup:flags.6?ReplyMarkup entities:flags.7?Vector<MessageEntity> views:flags.10?int forwards:flags.10?int replies:flags.23?MessageReplies edit_date:flags.15?int post_author:flags.16?string grouped_id:flags.17?long reactions:flags.20?MessageReactions restriction_reason:flags.22?Vector<RestrictionReason> ttl_period:flags.25?int = Message;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
out flags.1?true Is this an outgoing message
mentioned flags.4?true Whether we were mentioned in this message
media_unread flags.5?true Whether there are unread media attachments in this message
silent flags.13?true Whether this is a silent message (no notification triggered)
post flags.14?true Whether this is a channel post
from_scheduled flags.18?true Whether this is a scheduled message
legacy flags.19?true This is a legacy message: it has to be refetched with the new layer
edit_hide flags.21?true Whether the message should be shown as not modified to the user, even if an edit date is present
pinned flags.24?true Whether this message is pinned
noforwards flags.26?true Whether this message is protected and thus cannot be forwarded; clients should also prevent users from saving attached media (i.e. videos should only be streamed, photos should be kept in RAM, et cetera).
invert_media flags.27?true If set, any eventual webpage preview will be shown on top of the message instead of at the bottom.
id int ID of the message
from_id flags.8?Peer ID of the sender of the message
peer_id Peer Peer ID, the chat where this message was sent
saved_peer_id flags.28?Peer Messages fetched from a saved messages dialog ยป will have peer=inputPeerSelf and the saved_peer_id flag set to the ID of the saved dialog.
fwd_from flags.2?MessageFwdHeader Info about forwarded messages
via_bot_id flags.11?long ID of the inline bot that generated the message
reply_to flags.3?MessageReplyHeader Reply information
date int Date of the message
message string The message
media flags.9?MessageMedia Media attachment
reply_markup flags.6?ReplyMarkup Reply markup (bot/inline keyboards)
entities flags.7?Vector<MessageEntity> Message entities for styled text
views flags.10?int View count for channel posts
forwards flags.10?int Forward counter
replies flags.23?MessageReplies Info about post comments (for channels) or message replies (for groups)
edit_date flags.15?int Last edit date of this message
post_author flags.16?string Name of the author of this message for channel posts (with signatures enabled)
grouped_id flags.17?long Multiple media messages sent using messages.sendMultiMedia with the same grouped ID indicate an album or media group
reactions flags.20?MessageReactions Reactions to this message
restriction_reason flags.22?Vector<RestrictionReason> Contains the reason why access to this message must be restricted.
ttl_period flags.25?int Time To Live of the message, once === time(), the message will be deleted on the server, and must be deleted locally as well.



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