How a certain peer reacted to the message

messagePeerReaction#8c79b63c flags:# big:flags.0?true unread:flags.1?true my:flags.2?true peer_id:Peer date:int reaction:Reaction = MessagePeerReaction;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
big flags.0?true Whether the specified message reaction ยป should elicit a bigger and longer reaction
unread flags.1?true Whether the reaction wasn't yet marked as read by the current user
my flags.2?true Starting from layer 159, messages.sendReaction will send reactions from the peer (user or channel) specified using messages.saveDefaultSendAs.
If set, this flag indicates that this reaction was sent by us, even if the peer doesn't point to the current account.
peer_id Peer Peer that reacted to the message
date int When was this reaction added
reaction Reaction Reaction emoji



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Starting from layer 159, the reaction will be sent from the peer specified using messages.saveDefaultSendAs.


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