Contains information about a direct link Mini App

messages.botApp#eb50adf5 flags:# inactive:flags.0?true request_write_access:flags.1?true has_settings:flags.2?true app:BotApp = messages.BotApp;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
inactive flags.0?true Whether the web app was never used by the user, and confirmation must be asked from the user before opening it.
request_write_access flags.1?true The bot is asking permission to send messages to the user: if the user agrees, set the write_allowed flag when invoking messages.requestAppWebView.
has_settings flags.2?true Deprecated flag, can be ignored.
app BotApp Bot app information



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Open a bot mini app from a direct Mini App deep link, sending over user information after user confirmation.

After calling this method, until the user closes the webview, messages.prolongWebView must be called every 60 seconds.

Mini Apps on Telegram

Bots can offer users interactive HTML5 web apps to completely replace any website.