Contains info about an ongoing giveaway.

If neither the participating, joined_too_early_date, admin_disallowed_chat_id or disallowed_country flags are set, the user is not currently participating in the giveaway but could participate by joining all the channels specified in the messageMediaGiveaway.channels field.

payments.giveawayInfo#4367daa0 flags:# participating:flags.0?true preparing_results:flags.3?true start_date:int joined_too_early_date:flags.1?int admin_disallowed_chat_id:flags.2?long disallowed_country:flags.4?string = payments.GiveawayInfo;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
participating flags.0?true The current user is participating in the giveaway.
preparing_results flags.3?true If set, the giveaway has ended and the results are being prepared.
start_date int When was the giveaway started
joined_too_early_date flags.1?int The current user can't participate in the giveaway, because they were already a member of the channel when the giveaway started, and the only_new_subscribers was set when starting the giveaway.
admin_disallowed_chat_id flags.2?long If set, the current user can't participate in the giveaway, because they are an administrator in one of the channels (ID specified in this flag) that created the giveaway.
disallowed_country flags.4?string If set, the current user can't participate in this giveaway, because their phone number is from the specified disallowed country (specified as a two-letter ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code).



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Telegram channel administrators may launch giveaways to randomly distribute Telegram Premium subscriptions and other gifts among their followers, in exchange for boosts.


Contains info about a giveaway, see here ยป for more info.