poll#86e18161 id:long flags:# closed:flags.0?true public_voters:flags.1?true multiple_choice:flags.2?true quiz:flags.3?true question:string answers:Vector<PollAnswer> close_period:flags.4?int close_date:flags.5?int = Poll;


Name Type Description
id long ID of the poll
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
closed flags.0?true Whether the poll is closed and doesn't accept any more answers
public_voters flags.1?true Whether cast votes are publicly visible to all users (non-anonymous poll)
multiple_choice flags.2?true Whether multiple options can be chosen as answer
quiz flags.3?true Whether this is a quiz (with wrong and correct answers, results shown in the return type)
question string The question of the poll
answers Vector<PollAnswer> The possible answers, vote using messages.sendVote.
close_period flags.4?int Amount of time in seconds the poll will be active after creation, 5-600. Can't be used together with close_date.
close_date flags.5?int Point in time (Unix timestamp) when the poll will be automatically closed. Must be at least 5 and no more than 600 seconds in the future; can't be used together with close_period.



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Vote in a poll

Starting from layer 159, the vote will be sent from the peer specified using messages.saveDefaultSendAs.