Represents a story.

storyItem#af6365a1 flags:# pinned:flags.5?true public:flags.7?true close_friends:flags.8?true min:flags.9?true noforwards:flags.10?true edited:flags.11?true contacts:flags.12?true selected_contacts:flags.13?true out:flags.16?true id:int date:int fwd_from:flags.17?StoryFwdHeader expire_date:int caption:flags.0?string entities:flags.1?Vector<MessageEntity> media:MessageMedia media_areas:flags.14?Vector<MediaArea> privacy:flags.2?Vector<PrivacyRule> views:flags.3?StoryViews sent_reaction:flags.15?Reaction = StoryItem;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
pinned flags.5?true Whether this story is pinned on the user's profile
public flags.7?true Whether this story is public and can be viewed by everyone
close_friends flags.8?true Whether this story can only be viewed by our close friends, see here » for more info
min flags.9?true Full information about this story was omitted for space and performance reasons; use stories.getStoriesByID to fetch full info about this story when and if needed.
noforwards flags.10?true Whether this story is protected and thus cannot be forwarded; clients should also prevent users from saving attached media (i.e. videos should only be streamed, photos should be kept in RAM, et cetera).
edited flags.11?true Indicates whether the story was edited.
contacts flags.12?true Whether this story can only be viewed by our contacts
selected_contacts flags.13?true Whether this story can only be viewed by a select list of our contacts
out flags.16?true indicates whether we sent this story.
id int ID of the story.
date int When was the story posted.
fwd_from flags.17?StoryFwdHeader For reposted stories », contains info about the original story.
expire_date int When does the story expire.
caption flags.0?string Story caption.
entities flags.1?Vector<MessageEntity> Message entities for styled text
media MessageMedia Story media.
media_areas flags.14?Vector<MediaArea> List of media areas, see here » for more info on media areas.
privacy flags.2?Vector<PrivacyRule> Privacy rules indicating who can and can't view this story
views flags.3?StoryViews View date and reaction information
sent_reaction flags.15?Reaction The reaction we sent.



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