Initialize a takeout session, see here » for more info.

account.takeout#4dba4501 id:long = account.Takeout;
account.initTakeoutSession#8ef3eab0 flags:# contacts:flags.0?true message_users:flags.1?true message_chats:flags.2?true message_megagroups:flags.3?true message_channels:flags.4?true files:flags.5?true file_max_size:flags.5?long = account.Takeout;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
contacts flags.0?true Whether to export contacts
message_users flags.1?true Whether to export messages in private chats
message_chats flags.2?true Whether to export messages in basic groups
message_megagroups flags.3?true Whether to export messages in supergroups
message_channels flags.4?true Whether to export messages in channels
files flags.5?true Whether to export files
file_max_size flags.5?long Maximum size of files to export



Possible errors

Code Type Description
420 TAKEOUT_INIT_DELAY_%d Sorry, for security reasons, you will be able to begin downloading your data in %d seconds. We have notified all your devices about the export request to make sure it's authorized and to give you time to react if it's not.

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