Create and upload a new wallpaper

wallPaper#a437c3ed id:long flags:# creator:flags.0?true default:flags.1?true pattern:flags.3?true dark:flags.4?true access_hash:long slug:string document:Document settings:flags.2?WallPaperSettings = WallPaper;
wallPaperNoFile#e0804116 id:long flags:# default:flags.1?true dark:flags.4?true settings:flags.2?WallPaperSettings = WallPaper;
account.uploadWallPaper#e39a8f03 flags:# for_chat:flags.0?true file:InputFile mime_type:string settings:WallPaperSettings = WallPaper;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
for_chat flags.0?true Set this flag when uploading wallpapers to be passed to messages.setChatWallPaper.
file InputFile The JPG/PNG wallpaper
mime_type string MIME type of uploaded wallpaper
settings WallPaperSettings Wallpaper settings



Possible errors

Code Type Description
400 WALLPAPER_FILE_INVALID The specified wallpaper file is invalid.
400 WALLPAPER_MIME_INVALID The specified wallpaper MIME type is invalid.

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