Cancels a request for creation and/or delete info on secret chat.

boolFalse#bc799737 = Bool;
boolTrue#997275b5 = Bool;
messages.discardEncryption#f393aea0 flags:# delete_history:flags.0?true chat_id:int = Bool;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
delete_history flags.0?true Whether to delete the entire chat history for the other user as well
chat_id int Secret chat ID



Possible errors

Code Type Description
400 CHAT_ID_EMPTY The provided chat ID is empty.
400 ENCRYPTION_ALREADY_ACCEPTED Secret chat already accepted.
400 ENCRYPTION_ALREADY_DECLINED The secret chat was already declined.
400 ENCRYPTION_ID_INVALID The provided secret chat ID is invalid.