Boolean type.

boolFalse#bc799737 = Bool;
boolTrue#997275b5 = Bool;


auth.logOut#5717da40 = Bool;
auth.resetAuthorizations#9fab0d1a = Bool;
auth.bindTempAuthKey#cdd42a05 perm_auth_key_id:long nonce:long expires_at:int encrypted_message:bytes = Bool;
auth.cancelCode#1f040578 phone_number:string phone_code_hash:string = Bool;
auth.dropTempAuthKeys#8e48a188 except_auth_keys:Vector<long> = Bool;

account.registerDevice#68976c6f flags:# no_muted:flags.0?true token_type:int token:string app_sandbox:Bool secret:bytes other_uids:Vector<int> = Bool;
account.unregisterDevice#3076c4bf token_type:int token:string other_uids:Vector<int> = Bool;
account.updateNotifySettings#84be5b93 peer:InputNotifyPeer settings:InputPeerNotifySettings = Bool;
account.resetNotifySettings#db7e1747 = Bool;
account.updateStatus#6628562c offline:Bool = Bool;
account.reportPeer#ae189d5f peer:InputPeer reason:ReportReason = Bool;
account.checkUsername#2714d86c username:string = Bool;
account.deleteAccount#418d4e0b reason:string = Bool;
account.setAccountTTL#2442485e ttl:AccountDaysTTL = Bool;
account.updateDeviceLocked#38df3532 period:int = Bool;
account.resetAuthorization#df77f3bc hash:long = Bool;
account.updatePasswordSettings#a59b102f password:InputCheckPasswordSRP new_settings:account.PasswordInputSettings = Bool;
account.confirmPhone#5f2178c3 phone_code_hash:string phone_code:string = Bool;
account.resetWebAuthorization#2d01b9ef hash:long = Bool;
account.resetWebAuthorizations#682d2594 = Bool;
account.deleteSecureValue#b880bc4b types:Vector<SecureValueType> = Bool;
account.acceptAuthorization#e7027c94 bot_id:int scope:string public_key:string value_hashes:Vector<SecureValueHash> credentials:SecureCredentialsEncrypted = Bool;
account.verifyPhone#4dd3a7f6 phone_number:string phone_code_hash:string phone_code:string = Bool;
account.verifyEmail#ecba39db email:string code:string = Bool;
account.finishTakeoutSession#1d2652ee flags:# success:flags.0?true = Bool;
account.confirmPasswordEmail#8fdf1920 code:string = Bool;
account.resendPasswordEmail#7a7f2a15 = Bool;
account.cancelPasswordEmail#c1cbd5b6 = Bool;
account.getContactSignUpNotification#9f07c728 = Bool;
account.setContactSignUpNotification#cff43f61 silent:Bool = Bool;
account.saveWallPaper#6c5a5b37 wallpaper:InputWallPaper unsave:Bool settings:WallPaperSettings = Bool;
account.installWallPaper#feed5769 wallpaper:InputWallPaper settings:WallPaperSettings = Bool;
account.resetWallPapers#bb3b9804 = Bool;
account.saveAutoDownloadSettings#76f36233 flags:# low:flags.0?true high:flags.1?true settings:AutoDownloadSettings = Bool;
account.saveTheme#f257106c theme:InputTheme unsave:Bool = Bool;
account.installTheme#7ae43737 flags:# dark:flags.0?true format:flags.1?string theme:flags.1?InputTheme = Bool;
account.setContentSettings#b574b16b flags:# sensitive_enabled:flags.0?true = Bool;

contacts.deleteByPhones#1013fd9e phones:Vector<string> = Bool;
contacts.block#68cc1411 id:InputPeer = Bool;
contacts.unblock#bea65d50 id:InputPeer = Bool;
contacts.resetTopPeerRating#1ae373ac category:TopPeerCategory peer:InputPeer = Bool;
contacts.resetSaved#879537f1 = Bool;
contacts.toggleTopPeers#8514bdda enabled:Bool = Bool;

messages.setTyping#58943ee2 flags:# peer:InputPeer top_msg_id:flags.0?int action:SendMessageAction = Bool;
messages.reportSpam#cf1592db peer:InputPeer = Bool; peer:InputPeer id:Vector<int> reason:ReportReason = Bool;
messages.discardEncryption#edd923c5 chat_id:int = Bool;
messages.setEncryptedTyping#791451ed peer:InputEncryptedChat typing:Bool = Bool;
messages.readEncryptedHistory#7f4b690a peer:InputEncryptedChat max_date:int = Bool;
messages.reportEncryptedSpam#4b0c8c0f peer:InputEncryptedChat = Bool;
messages.uninstallStickerSet#f96e55de stickerset:InputStickerSet = Bool;
messages.editChatAdmin#a9e69f2e chat_id:int user_id:InputUser is_admin:Bool = Bool;
messages.reorderStickerSets#78337739 flags:# masks:flags.0?true order:Vector<long> = Bool;
messages.saveGif#327a30cb id:InputDocument unsave:Bool = Bool;
messages.setInlineBotResults#eb5ea206 flags:# gallery:flags.0?true private:flags.1?true query_id:long results:Vector<InputBotInlineResult> cache_time:int next_offset:flags.2?string switch_pm:flags.3?InlineBotSwitchPM = Bool;
messages.editInlineBotMessage#83557dba flags:# no_webpage:flags.1?true id:InputBotInlineMessageID message:flags.11?string media:flags.14?InputMedia reply_markup:flags.2?ReplyMarkup entities:flags.3?Vector<MessageEntity> = Bool;
messages.setBotCallbackAnswer#d58f130a flags:# alert:flags.1?true query_id:long message:flags.0?string url:flags.2?string cache_time:int = Bool;
messages.saveDraft#bc39e14b flags:# no_webpage:flags.1?true reply_to_msg_id:flags.0?int peer:InputPeer message:string entities:flags.3?Vector<MessageEntity> = Bool;
messages.readFeaturedStickers#5b118126 id:Vector<long> = Bool;
messages.saveRecentSticker#392718f8 flags:# attached:flags.0?true id:InputDocument unsave:Bool = Bool;
messages.clearRecentStickers#8999602d flags:# attached:flags.0?true = Bool;
messages.setInlineGameScore#15ad9f64 flags:# edit_message:flags.0?true force:flags.1?true id:InputBotInlineMessageID user_id:InputUser score:int = Bool;
messages.toggleDialogPin#a731e257 flags:# pinned:flags.0?true peer:InputDialogPeer = Bool;
messages.reorderPinnedDialogs#3b1adf37 flags:# force:flags.0?true folder_id:int order:Vector<InputDialogPeer> = Bool;
messages.setBotShippingResults#e5f672fa flags:# query_id:long error:flags.0?string shipping_options:flags.1?Vector<ShippingOption> = Bool;
messages.setBotPrecheckoutResults#9c2dd95 flags:# success:flags.1?true query_id:long error:flags.0?string = Bool;
messages.faveSticker#b9ffc55b id:InputDocument unfave:Bool = Bool;
messages.markDialogUnread#c286d98f flags:# unread:flags.0?true peer:InputDialogPeer = Bool;
messages.clearAllDrafts#7e58ee9c = Bool;
messages.editChatAbout#def60797 peer:InputPeer about:string = Bool;
messages.hidePeerSettingsBar#4facb138 peer:InputPeer = Bool;
messages.toggleStickerSets#b5052fea flags:# uninstall:flags.0?true archive:flags.1?true unarchive:flags.2?true stickersets:Vector<InputStickerSet> = Bool;
messages.updateDialogFilter#1ad4a04a flags:# id:int filter:flags.0?DialogFilter = Bool;
messages.updateDialogFiltersOrder#c563c1e4 order:Vector<int> = Bool;
messages.readDiscussion#f731a9f4 peer:InputPeer msg_id:int read_max_id:int = Bool;

upload.saveFilePart#b304a621 file_id:long file_part:int bytes:bytes = Bool;
upload.saveBigFilePart#de7b673d file_id:long file_part:int file_total_parts:int bytes:bytes = Bool;

channels.readHistory#cc104937 channel:InputChannel max_id:int = Bool;
channels.reportSpam#fe087810 channel:InputChannel user_id:InputUser id:Vector<int> = Bool;
channels.checkUsername#10e6bd2c channel:InputChannel username:string = Bool;
channels.updateUsername#3514b3de channel:InputChannel username:string = Bool;
channels.setStickers#ea8ca4f9 channel:InputChannel stickerset:InputStickerSet = Bool;
channels.readMessageContents#eab5dc38 channel:InputChannel id:Vector<int> = Bool;
channels.deleteHistory#af369d42 channel:InputChannel max_id:int = Bool;
channels.setDiscussionGroup#40582bb2 broadcast:InputChannel group:InputChannel = Bool;
channels.editLocation#58e63f6d channel:InputChannel geo_point:InputGeoPoint address:string = Bool;

help.setBotUpdatesStatus#ec22cfcd pending_updates_count:int message:string = Bool;
help.acceptTermsOfService#ee72f79a id:DataJSON = Bool;
help.saveAppLog#6f02f748 events:Vector<InputAppEvent> = Bool;
help.hidePromoData#1e251c95 peer:InputPeer = Bool;
help.dismissSuggestion#77fa99f suggestion:string = Bool;

bots.answerWebhookJSONQuery#e6213f4d query_id:long data:DataJSON = Bool;
bots.setBotCommands#805d46f6 commands:Vector<BotCommand> = Bool;

payments.clearSavedInfo#d83d70c1 flags:# credentials:flags.0?true info:flags.1?true = Bool;

phone.receivedCall#17d54f61 peer:InputPhoneCall = Bool;
phone.saveCallDebug#277add7e peer:InputPhoneCall debug:DataJSON = Bool;
phone.sendSignalingData#ff7a9383 peer:InputPhoneCall data:bytes = Bool;

users.setSecureValueErrors#90c894b5 id:InputUser errors:Vector<SecureValueError> = Bool;


Constructor Description
boolFalse Constructor may be interpreted as a booleanfalse value.
boolTrue The constructor can be interpreted as a booleantrue value.


Method Description
auth.logOut Logs out the user.
auth.resetAuthorizations Terminates all user's authorized sessions except for the current one.

After calling this method it is necessary to reregister the current device using the method account.registerDevice
auth.bindTempAuthKey Binds a temporary authorization key temp_auth_key_id to the permanent authorization key perm_auth_key_id. Each permanent key may only be bound to one temporary key at a time, binding a new temporary key overwrites the previous one.

For more information, see Perfect Forward Secrecy.
account.registerDevice Register device to receive PUSH notifications
account.unregisterDevice Deletes a device by its token, stops sending PUSH-notifications to it.
account.updateNotifySettings Edits notification settings from a given user/group, from all users/all groups.
account.resetNotifySettings Resets all notification settings from users and groups.
account.updateStatus Updates online user status.
account.reportPeer Report a peer for violation of telegram's Terms of Service
contacts.deleteByPhones Delete contacts by phone number
contacts.block Adds the user to the blacklist.
contacts.unblock Deletes the user from the blacklist.
messages.setTyping Sends a current user typing event (see SendMessageAction for all event types) to a conversation partner or group.
messages.reportSpam Report a new incoming chat for spam, if the peer settings of the chat allow us to do that Report a message in a chat for violation of telegram's Terms of Service
upload.saveFilePart Saves a part of file for futher sending to one of the methods.
messages.discardEncryption Cancels a request for creation and/or delete info on secret chat.
messages.setEncryptedTyping Send typing event by the current user to a secret chat.
messages.readEncryptedHistory Marks message history within a secret chat as read.
messages.reportEncryptedSpam Report a secret chat for spam
upload.saveBigFilePart Saves a part of a large file (over 10Mb in size) to be later passed to one of the methods.
account.checkUsername Validates a username and checks availability.
account.deleteAccount Delete the user's account from the telegram servers. Can be used, for example, to delete the account of a user that provided the login code, but forgot the 2FA password and no recovery method is configured.
account.setAccountTTL Set account self-destruction period
account.updateDeviceLocked When client-side passcode lock feature is enabled, will not show message texts in incoming PUSH notifications.
account.resetAuthorization Log out an active authorized session by it hash
account.updatePasswordSettings Set a new 2FA password
messages.uninstallStickerSet Uninstall a stickerset
channels.readHistory Mark channel/supergroup history as read
channels.reportSpam Reports some messages from a user in a supergroup as spam; requires administrator rights in the supergroup
channels.checkUsername Check if a username is free and can be assigned to a channel/supergroup
channels.updateUsername Change the username of a supergroup/channel
messages.editChatAdmin Make a user admin in a legacy group.
messages.reorderStickerSets Reorder installed stickersets
messages.saveGif Add GIF to saved gifs list
messages.setInlineBotResults Answer an inline query, for bots only
auth.cancelCode Cancel the login verification code
messages.editInlineBotMessage Edit an inline bot message
messages.setBotCallbackAnswer Set the callback answer to a user button press (bots only)
contacts.resetTopPeerRating Reset rating of top peer
messages.saveDraft Save a message draft associated to a chat.
messages.readFeaturedStickers Mark new featured stickers as read
messages.saveRecentSticker Add/remove sticker from recent stickers list
messages.clearRecentStickers Clear recent stickers
account.confirmPhone Confirm a phone number to cancel account deletion, for more info click here ยป
auth.dropTempAuthKeys Delete all temporary authorization keys except for the ones specified
messages.setInlineGameScore Use this method to set the score of the specified user in a game sent as an inline message (bots only).
help.setBotUpdatesStatus Informs the server about the number of pending bot updates if they haven't been processed for a long time; for bots only
messages.toggleDialogPin Pin/unpin a dialog
messages.reorderPinnedDialogs Reorder pinned dialogs
bots.answerWebhookJSONQuery Answers a custom query; for bots only
payments.clearSavedInfo Clear saved payment information
messages.setBotShippingResults If you sent an invoice requesting a shipping address and the parameter is_flexible was specified, the bot will receive an updateBotShippingQuery update. Use this method to reply to shipping queries.
messages.setBotPrecheckoutResults Once the user has confirmed their payment and shipping details, the bot receives an updateBotPrecheckoutQuery update.
Use this method to respond to such pre-checkout queries.
Note: Telegram must receive an answer within 10 seconds after the pre-checkout query was sent.
phone.receivedCall Optional: notify the server that the user is currently busy in a call: this will automatically refuse all incoming phone calls until the current phone call is ended.
phone.saveCallDebug Send phone call debug data to server
channels.setStickers Associate a stickerset to the supergroup
messages.faveSticker Mark a sticker as favorite
channels.readMessageContents Mark channel/supergroup message contents as read
contacts.resetSaved Delete saved contacts
channels.deleteHistory Delete the history of a supergroup
account.resetWebAuthorization Log out an active web telegram login session
account.resetWebAuthorizations Reset all active web telegram login sessions
help.acceptTermsOfService Accept the new terms of service
account.deleteSecureValue Delete stored telegram passport value
users.setSecureValueErrors Set secure passport value errors for a user
account.acceptAuthorization Sends a Telegram Passport authorization form, effectively sharing data with the service
account.verifyPhone Verify a phone number for telegram passport.
account.verifyEmail Verify an email address for telegram passport.
account.finishTakeoutSession Finish account takeout session
messages.markDialogUnread Manually mark dialog as unread
contacts.toggleTopPeers Enable/disable top peers
messages.clearAllDrafts Clear all drafts.
help.saveAppLog Saves logs of application on the server.
account.confirmPasswordEmail Verify an email to use as 2FA recovery method.
account.resendPasswordEmail Resend the code to verify an email to use as 2FA recovery method.
account.cancelPasswordEmail Cancel the code that was sent to verify an email to use as 2FA recovery method.
account.getContactSignUpNotification Whether the user will receive notifications when contacts sign up
account.setContactSignUpNotification Toggle contact sign up notifications
messages.editChatAbout Edit the description of a group/supergroup/channel.
account.saveWallPaper Install/uninstall wallpaper
account.installWallPaper Install wallpaper
account.resetWallPapers Delete installed wallpapers
account.saveAutoDownloadSettings Change media autodownload settings
channels.setDiscussionGroup Associate a group to a channel as discussion group for that channel
messages.hidePeerSettingsBar Should be called after the user hides the report spam/add as contact bar of a new chat, effectively prevents the user from executing the actions specified in the peer's settings.
channels.editLocation Edit location of geogroup
account.saveTheme Save a theme
account.installTheme Install a theme
account.setContentSettings Set sensitive content settings (for viewing or hiding NSFW content)
messages.toggleStickerSets Apply changes to multiple stickersets
messages.updateDialogFilter Update folder
messages.updateDialogFiltersOrder Reorder folders
bots.setBotCommands Set bot command list
help.hidePromoData Hide MTProxy/Public Service Announcement information
phone.sendSignalingData Send VoIP signaling data
help.dismissSuggestion Dismiss a suggestion
messages.readDiscussion Mark a channel discussion as read