Edit the description of a group/supergroup/channel.

boolFalse#bc799737 = Bool;
boolTrue#997275b5 = Bool;
messages.editChatAbout#def60797 peer:InputPeer about:string = Bool;


Name Type Description
peer InputPeer The group/supergroup/channel.
about string The new description



Possible errors

Code Type Description
400 CHANNEL_INVALID The provided channel is invalid.
400 CHANNEL_PRIVATE You haven't joined this channel/supergroup.
400 CHAT_ABOUT_NOT_MODIFIED About text has not changed.
400 CHAT_ABOUT_TOO_LONG Chat about too long.
400 CHAT_ADMIN_REQUIRED You must be an admin in this chat to do this.
400 CHAT_ID_INVALID The provided chat id is invalid.
400 CHAT_NOT_MODIFIED No changes were made to chat information because the new information you passed is identical to the current information.
403 CHAT_WRITE_FORBIDDEN You can't write in this chat.
400 PEER_ID_INVALID The provided peer id is invalid.

Bots can use this method

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