Answer an inline query, for bots only

boolFalse#bc799737 = Bool;
boolTrue#997275b5 = Bool;
messages.setInlineBotResults#eb5ea206 flags:# gallery:flags.0?true private:flags.1?true query_id:long results:Vector<InputBotInlineResult> cache_time:int next_offset:flags.2?string switch_pm:flags.3?InlineBotSwitchPM = Bool;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
gallery flags.0?true Set this flag if the results are composed of media files
private flags.1?true Set this flag if results may be cached on the server side only for the user that sent the query. By default, results may be returned to any user who sends the same query
query_id long Unique identifier for the answered query
results Vector<InputBotInlineResult> Vector of results for the inline query
cache_time int The maximum amount of time in seconds that the result of the inline query may be cached on the server. Defaults to 300.
next_offset flags.2?string Pass the offset that a client should send in the next query with the same text to receive more results. Pass an empty string if there are no more results or if you don‘t support pagination. Offset length can’t exceed 64 bytes.
switch_pm flags.3?InlineBotSwitchPM If passed, clients will display a button with specified text that switches the user to a private chat with the bot and sends the bot a start message with a certain parameter.



Possible errors

Code Type Description
400 ARTICLE_TITLE_EMPTY The title of the article is empty
400 BUTTON_DATA_INVALID The data of one or more of the buttons you provided is invalid
400 BUTTON_TYPE_INVALID The type of one or more of the buttons you provided is invalid
400 BUTTON_URL_INVALID Button URL invalid
400 GIF_CONTENT_TYPE_INVALID GIF content-type invalid
400 MESSAGE_EMPTY The provided message is empty
400 MESSAGE_TOO_LONG The provided message is too long
400 PHOTO_CONTENT_TYPE_INVALID Photo mime-type invalid
400 PHOTO_INVALID Photo invalid
400 PHOTO_THUMB_URL_EMPTY Photo thumbnail URL is empty
400 QUERY_ID_INVALID The query ID is invalid
400 REPLY_MARKUP_INVALID The provided reply markup is invalid
400 RESULTS_TOO_MUCH Too many results were provided
400 RESULT_ID_DUPLICATE You provided a duplicate result ID
400 RESULT_TYPE_INVALID Result type invalid
400 SEND_MESSAGE_MEDIA_INVALID Invalid media provided
400 SEND_MESSAGE_TYPE_INVALID The message type is invalid
400 START_PARAM_INVALID Start parameter invalid
403 USER_BOT_INVALID This method can only be called by a bot
400 WEBDOCUMENT_INVALID Invalid webdocument URL provided
400 WEBDOCUMENT_MIME_INVALID Invalid webdocument mime type provided
400 WEBDOCUMENT_SIZE_TOO_BIG Webdocument is too big!

Bots can use this method