Installs a previously uploaded photo as a profile photo. photo:Photo users:Vector<User> = photos.Photo;
photos.updateProfilePhoto#9e82039 flags:# fallback:flags.0?true bot:flags.1?InputUser id:InputPhoto = photos.Photo;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
fallback flags.0?true If set, the chosen profile photo will be shown to users that can't display your main profile photo due to your privacy settings.
bot flags.1?InputUser Can contain info of a bot we own, to change the profile photo of that bot, instead of the current user.
id InputPhoto Input photo



Possible errors

Code Type Description
400 ALBUM_PHOTOS_TOO_MANY You have uploaded too many profile photos, delete some before retrying.
400 FILE_PARTS_INVALID The number of file parts is invalid.
400 IMAGE_PROCESS_FAILED Failure while processing image.
400 LOCATION_INVALID The provided location is invalid.
400 PHOTO_CROP_SIZE_SMALL Photo is too small.
400 PHOTO_EXT_INVALID The extension of the photo is invalid.
400 PHOTO_ID_INVALID Photo ID invalid.

Bots can use this method