Obtain the list of users that have viewed a specific story we posted

stories.storyViewsList#59d78fc5 flags:# count:int views_count:int forwards_count:int reactions_count:int views:Vector<StoryView> chats:Vector<Chat> users:Vector<User> next_offset:flags.0?string = stories.StoryViewsList;
stories.getStoryViewsList#7ed23c57 flags:# just_contacts:flags.0?true reactions_first:flags.2?true forwards_first:flags.3?true peer:InputPeer q:flags.1?string id:int offset:string limit:int = stories.StoryViewsList;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
just_contacts flags.0?true Whether to only fetch view reaction/views made by our contacts
reactions_first flags.2?true Whether to return storyView info about users that reacted to the story (i.e. if set, the server will first sort results by view date as usual, and then also additionally sort the list by putting storyViews with an associated reaction first in the list). Ignored if forwards_first is set.
forwards_first flags.3?true If set, returns forwards and reposts first, then reactions, then other views; otherwise returns interactions sorted just by interaction date.
peer InputPeer Peer where the story was posted
q flags.1?string Search for specific peers
id int Story ID
offset string Offset for pagination, obtained from stories.storyViewsList.next_offset
limit int Maximum number of results to return, see pagination



Possible errors

Code Type Description
400 PEER_ID_INVALID The provided peer id is invalid.
400 STORY_ID_INVALID The specified story ID is invalid.

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