Contains info on a confirmation code message sent via SMS, phone call or Telegram.

auth.sentCode#5e002502 flags:# type:auth.SentCodeType phone_code_hash:string next_type:flags.1?auth.CodeType timeout:flags.2?int = auth.SentCode;
auth.sentCodeSuccess#2390fe44 authorization:auth.Authorization = auth.SentCode;


auth.sendCode#a677244f phone_number:string api_id:int api_hash:string settings:CodeSettings = auth.SentCode;
auth.resendCode#3ef1a9bf phone_number:string phone_code_hash:string = auth.SentCode;
auth.resetLoginEmail#7e960193 phone_number:string phone_code_hash:string = auth.SentCode;

account.sendChangePhoneCode#82574ae5 phone_number:string settings:CodeSettings = auth.SentCode;
account.sendConfirmPhoneCode#1b3faa88 hash:string settings:CodeSettings = auth.SentCode;
account.sendVerifyPhoneCode#a5a356f9 phone_number:string settings:CodeSettings = auth.SentCode;


Constructor Description
auth.sentCode Contains info about a sent verification code.
auth.sentCodeSuccess The user successfully authorized using future auth tokens


Method Description
auth.sendCode Send the verification code for login
account.sendChangePhoneCode Verify a new phone number to associate to the current account
auth.resendCode Resend the login code via another medium, the phone code type is determined by the return value of the previous auth.sendCode/auth.resendCode: see login for more info.
account.sendConfirmPhoneCode Send confirmation code to cancel account deletion, for more info click here »
account.sendVerifyPhoneCode Send the verification phone code for telegram passport.
auth.resetLoginEmail Reset the login email ».