Error handling

There will be errors when working with the API, and they must be correctly handled on the client.

An error is characterized by several parameters:

Error Code

Numerical value similar to HTTP status. Contains information on the type of error that occurred: for example, a data input error, privacy error, or server error. This is a required parameter.

Error Type

A string literal in the form of /[A-Z_0-9]+/, which summarizes the problem. For example, AUTH_KEY_UNREGISTERED. This is an optional parameter.

Error Constructors

There should be a way to handle errors that are returned in rpc_error constructors.

Below is a list of error codes and their meanings:


The request must be repeated, but directed to a different data center.

Examples of Errors:

  • FILE_MIGRATE_X: the file to be accessed is currently stored in a different data center.
  • PHONE_MIGRATE_X: the phone number a user is trying to use for authorization is associated with a different data center.
  • NETWORK_MIGRATE_X: the source IP address is associated with a different data center (for registration)
  • USER_MIGRATE_X: the user whose identity is being used to execute queries is associated with a different data center (for registration)

In all these cases, the error description’s string literal contains the number of the data center (instead of the X) to which the repeated query must be sent.
More information about redirects between data centers »


The query contains errors. In the event that a request was created using a form and contains user generated data, the user should be notified that the data must be corrected before the query is repeated.

Examples of Errors:

  • FIRSTNAME_INVALID: The first name is invalid
  • LASTNAME_INVALID: The last name is invalid
  • PHONE_NUMBER_INVALID: The phone number is invalid
  • PHONE_CODE_HASH_EMPTY: phone_code_hash is missing
  • PHONE_CODE_EMPTY: phone_code is missing
  • PHONE_CODE_EXPIRED: The confirmation code has expired
  • API_ID_INVALID: The api_id/api_hash combination is invalid
  • PHONE_NUMBER_OCCUPIED: The phone number is already in use
  • PHONE_NUMBER_UNOCCUPIED: The phone number is not yet being used
  • USERS_TOO_FEW: Not enough users (to create a chat, for example)
  • USERS_TOO_MUCH: The maximum number of users has been exceeded (to create a chat, for example)
  • TYPE_CONSTRUCTOR_INVALID: The type constructor is invalid
  • FILE_PART_INVALID: The file part number is invalid
  • FILE_PARTS_INVALID: The number of file parts is invalid
  • FILE_PART_Х_MISSING: Part X (where X is a number) of the file is missing from storage
  • MD5_CHECKSUM_INVALID: The MD5 checksums do not match
  • PHOTO_INVALID_DIMENSIONS: The photo dimensions are invalid
  • FIELD_NAME_INVALID: The field with the name FIELD_NAME is invalid
  • FIELD_NAME_EMPTY: The field with the name FIELD_NAME is missing
  • MSG_WAIT_FAILED: A request that must be completed before processing the current request returned an error
  • MSG_WAIT_TIMEOUT: A request that must be completed before processing the current request didn't finish processing yet


There was an unauthorized attempt to use functionality available only to authorized users.

Examples of Errors:

  • AUTH_KEY_UNREGISTERED: The key is not registered in the system
  • AUTH_KEY_INVALID: The key is invalid
  • USER_DEACTIVATED: The user has been deleted/deactivated
  • SESSION_REVOKED: The authorization has been invalidated, because of the user terminating all sessions
  • SESSION_EXPIRED: The authorization has expired
  • AUTH_KEY_PERM_EMPTY: The method is unavailble for temporary authorization key, not bound to permanent


Privacy violation. For example, an attempt to write a message to someone who has blacklisted the current user.


An attempt to invoke a non-existent object, such as a method.


Similar to 400 BAD_REQUEST, but the app should not display any error messages to user in UI as a result of this response. The error message will be delivered via updateServiceNotification instead.


The maximum allowed number of attempts to invoke the given method with the given input parameters has been exceeded. For example, in an attempt to request a large number of text messages (SMS) for the same phone number.

Error Example:

  • FLOOD_WAIT_X: A wait of X seconds is required (where X is a number)


An internal server error occurred while a request was being processed; for example, there was a disruption while accessing a database or file storage.

If a client receives a 500 error, or you believe this error should not have occurred, please collect as much information as possible about the query and error and send it to the developers.

Other Error Codes

If a server returns an error with a code other than the ones listed above, it may be considered the same as a 500 error and treated as an internal server error.