Upload a custom profile picture for a contact, or suggest a new profile picture to a contact.

The file, video and video_emoji_markup flags are mutually exclusive. photo:Photo users:Vector<User> = photos.Photo;
photos.uploadContactProfilePhoto#e14c4a71 flags:# suggest:flags.3?true save:flags.4?true user_id:InputUser file:flags.0?InputFile video:flags.1?InputFile video_start_ts:flags.2?double video_emoji_markup:flags.5?VideoSize = photos.Photo;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
suggest flags.3?true If set, will send a messageActionSuggestProfilePhoto service message to user_id, suggesting them to use the specified profile picture; otherwise, will set a personal profile picture for the user (only visible to the current user).
save flags.4?true If set, removes a previously set personal profile picture (does not affect suggested profile pictures, to remove them simply deleted the messageActionSuggestProfilePhoto service message with messages.deleteMessages).
user_id InputUser The contact
file flags.0?InputFile Profile photo
video flags.1?InputFile Animated profile picture video
video_start_ts flags.2?double Floating point UNIX timestamp in seconds, indicating the frame of the video/sticker that should be used as static preview; can only be used if video or video_emoji_markup is set.
video_emoji_markup flags.5?VideoSize Animated sticker profile picture, must contain either a videoSizeEmojiMarkup or a videoSizeStickerMarkup constructor.



Possible errors

Code Type Description
400 CONTACT_MISSING The specified user is not a contact.
400 USER_ID_INVALID The provided user ID is invalid.

Bots can use this method

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