List of stories

stories.stories#5dd8c3c8 count:int stories:Vector<StoryItem> chats:Vector<Chat> users:Vector<User> = stories.Stories;


stories.getPinnedStories#5821a5dc peer:InputPeer offset_id:int limit:int = stories.Stories;
stories.getStoriesArchive#b4352016 peer:InputPeer offset_id:int limit:int = stories.Stories;
stories.getStoriesByID#5774ca74 peer:InputPeer id:Vector<int> = stories.Stories;


Constructor Description
stories.stories List of stories


Method Description
stories.getPinnedStories Fetch the stories pinned on a peer's profile.
stories.getStoriesArchive Fetch the story archive ยป of a peer we control.
stories.getStoriesByID Obtain full info about a set of stories by their IDs.

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Telegram users and channels can easily post and view stories through the API.